About us

Created out of a passion for wood, Tounza, meaning good luck in Amazigh, is the only brand in Morocco that harnesses wood essences to craft jewelry with highly refined details within the fantasy jewelry niche. Our products are 100% handmade, drawing inspiration from tattoo symbols that identify Atlas women, as well as geometric and floral patterns that characterize our Muslim architectural heritage.

The introduction of wood allows us to break free from the rigid world that surrounds us, immersing ourselves in nature while maintaining the luxurious aspect of jewelry. It's like a combination of our two sides, good and evil, freedom and submission—all with a touch that reminds us of our origins through inherited coding. This allows us to establish a spiritual connection with the past, regardless of our origins. The jewelry presented by our brand tells a complete and coherent story.

We have collaborated with artisans from Essaouira to develop techniques capable of ensuring an affinity for wooden jewelry, drawing from ancestral techniques used in traditional silver jewelry, such as filigree, or in the fine woodworking technique of noble woods, known as marquetry. We combine these techniques with other artisanal methods like crochet, embroidery, leatherwork, as well as several wood-related techniques: painted wood, Tataoui, and sculpture.

Our mission is to become a pioneer in the production of luxury objects with refined finishes, using Moroccan ancestral techniques to highlight Moroccan identity in every detail, all while incorporating wood.